This film was was made and released in 2014/2015.

This film was was made and released in 2014/2015.

Five Stars

I was pleasantly surprised! It sat on my shelf for a while until I got around to it. I’m glad that I did. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be – it’s not a political correctness polemic.

It’s surprising how taboo this subject seems to have been.  The film – the director/writer/producer/actor’s personal journey – is therefore fascinating. It explores some of the mechanics of voice; the cultural meanings; and the misogyny behind this question.

Ultimately, very much an affirmation for being yourself; for being queer, even.



Seen around Seattle.

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When things go wrong for no reason.... must be that ol' devil SNAFU

When things go wrong for no reason…. must be that ol’ devil snafu!!

2016-07-21 17.12.18




2016-08-13 12.38.06


2016-08-13 12.38.28


mosquitos!  (left)

mosquitos! (left)

mosquitos (middle)

mosquitos (middle)

mosquitos  (right)

mosquitos (right)

left    (Partly painted over. Did the artist forget to not paint over the car's info numbers?)

left ….(Partly painted over. Did the artist paint over the car’s info numbers? This results in problems for the railroad, gets your work painted over and creates a lot of animosity. See 3rd photo after this. )

right   Looks like a jailbreak!

right      Looks like a jailbreak!

oh, and while we're on the subject of 'crime' - jerms would appear to be a crook 4 life

I think this is a tribute by Jerms to Crook 4 Lyfe. I think the halo means deceased. R.I.P.!

2016-07-21 17.11.31

Somebody wrote “Kill all Taggers” over this. A railroad worker, maybe? Geez!…

2016-07-18 16.11.26


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2016-07-18 16.10.21

“a rusting Picasso” – modern art!

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Sequence:  four cars

car one: troubling times

car one: troubling times

detail one


detail 2


on the right of car one: not exactly Picasso... something new

car one, right side
Take a gander at that! Not exactly Picasso… something new!

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car two  (left)

car two (left)

car two (right)

car two (right)


car three – left


car three – middle

right     Space 1134

car three – right / signed “Space 1134”

car four – signed “Glare Cloud” (with a heart)

left -

left – “Leper”

right -

right – “Serup”

It is good to have friends!

Don’t tell me I’ll go to heaven when I die; if I lead a righteous life. I’m already there. We all are.

What? Yes, that’s right, you heard me.

I am a human ‘being’, not a human ‘doing’.

Sometimes I am a human ‘doing’.


But really.

What could be more heavenly than being defined at birth as a human – being… With nothing more required than that, if you choose… Just, ‘being’…

And don’t say, “An angel!” I would say, “A bird of some sort!”

P.S. Ever been annoyed at crows loudly scolding each other? Feed ’em! They’re hungry! Cat food works.


To be defined as a human ‘being’….

Nice. Life is good.

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2016-02-02 00.37.37

2016-02-02 00.37.24

These are basically four note chords. Open strings to be played are indicated.

Okay, I feel like bragging. I’m gonna just put it out there. This is something I’m proud of. Whether I’m wrong or right – life is too short to not want to make a few mistakes now and then; too short to not want to have the dialogue. So here goes…


I’ve been brushing up on my mandolin and guitar a little bit, recently.

For many years I played the guitar as a ‘lead’ instrument – meaning, for me, that I’d play mostly single note melodies, patterns and riffs.

When I realized what huge dimensions of the instrument I’d been missing – as accompaniment; or even as a more rhythmic, chordal or harmonic instrument – I was crushed. Crushed, I tell you! I pretty much put it down for some more years.

And, you know… it seems like any simpleton that ever actually tried to go out and interact with other players would’ve long since realized their limitations. It shouldn’t have been such a shock…

When I saw how beautifully some piano playing friends of mine accompanied singers, it really opened my eyes…

I was more of a loner; trying to do it all on my own. I was kind of ashamed when I realized how much of a loner I actually was!….

I don’t know. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.
The way we shame ourselves


For me, then, trying to learn the mandolin – after years of that kind of guitar playing – was counter-intuitive. It seemed like a completely different instrument.

Be that as it may – or not.

Eventually, having a nice mandolin around; learning to appreciate it’s portability; listening to other mandolinists; trying to dig what their ‘thing’ is; and, well, just trying to grok the instrument – gave me a slightly more engaged perspective.

My guitar playing has also since been evolving into a more harmonic, chordal and rhythmic style.

So recently… having both mandolin and guitar close at hand – I found that learning things on the mandolin, just plinking around – opened up the guitar for me in a nice way, too. When you have to re-learn where to put your fingers on the new instrument, it brings a different focus on the first instrument, too.

That’s really all I want to say about the mandolin! Don’t let me confuse you! I’m really talking here about the kind of things that inspire me! The muse


I have my guitar sitting out in my room. That’s supposed to be important; having your instrument close at hand for when the spirit hits you.

This morning I glanced over at it and visualized or heard a three chord progression. I picked up the guitar and tried to play something resembling what I had imagined. And – voilà – there you have it. (Although it demanded the fourth chord for resolution.) I’m not sure if this is exactly what I heard… But the fact that I could come up with something from out of the blue was very satisfying.

Don’t ask me what these chords are. I just think they sound nice together.


Mandolin signed by Tom Rozum (top); David Grisman (Dawg, center); and Chris Hillman (bottom). Three of my inspirations, for sure!!

Mandolin signed by Tom Rozum (top); David Grisman (“Dawg”, center); and Chris Hillman (bottom). Three of my inspirations, for sure!! At Wintergrass, Tacoma, Washington, February 2001

One of my favorite David Grisman albums is Mondo Mando. It’s really atmospheric. It reminds me of a fall day – nice traveling music! Check it out.

Tom Rozum’s work with Laurie Lewis – The Oak and the Laurel and others – as well as his solo Jubilee – is very emotive.

D’oh!! [slaps forehead] And, oh! Ry Cooder’s mandolin playing is not to be missed!

Steve Earle! Don’t forget Steve Earle!!

Here’s something else I found inspiring – it’s a Josh Homme tutorial on YouTube featuring the man himself. I found the section from 2:27 minutes to 3:05 – about his use of octaves – to be especially interesting. There’s also some humorous comments – with a lot of humility, too – talking about guitar players’ ‘styles’ from 8:25 to 9:05

I am the crying raven
you see over there in the pines
I weep at the beauty of life
so full of it
am I
this morning
its bounty
the inexpressible vitality of it
racing through me


'Three Ravens' by Lisa St. Croix - photo of card from friend

‘Three Ravens’ by Lisa St. Croix – photo of card from friend