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LGBTQ Allyship

my friend Walker

taxing the rich is sexy

Free Bradley Manning


the ISO

friendly crowd

friendly crowd 2

a gentle youth

LGBTQ Allyship 2

paper -mache faces for immigrant rights

paper-mache faces for immigrant rights 2

American flag, brown skin: the irony of a respect not reciprocated. I’m so proud of this picture – I think it really captures that.

marching klezmer band


flags bayan usa

cymbal and drum drill team

cymbal and drum drill team 2

the masses

the masses 2

in black

No borders! No nations! Fuck deportation!

the rear guard – if you click on this picture twice, you will see close-up the police presence – including a school bus (for mass arrests?)

Amy Eighttrack, photo by Dodie Cogswell