Bullies of the Road

in a hurry

zooming in and out

at the last millisecond

especially on the weekends or in the evening.

I wish they would learn how to drive


What’s my life worth to them?

What’s their own life worth to them?

All calculated down to

the hundredth of a percentile, no doubt.

And not worth much, I imagine,

compared to my own sense of worth.

I’m lucky in that, I guess!

So many things hold my interest

too many sometimes, I’m a gemini

if I live long enough,

I may even excel at one or two.


Following each other so closely,

in lonnnnnng lines,

the sheeple

It’s incredible, check it out sometime.


Trying to keep a safe distance

it gets tiresome when the umpteenth car

scoots in front of me as I approach

– my signal to change lanes – a reminder

– that now would probably be a good time to change lanes, too,

before I get there first!


Sometimes I honk my horn at their impertinence

hoping that they will change their sinful ways!



Perhaps I should just slow down…