photo by Katie Tougas via instagram & KOMO News




I hate the Blue Angels…

since I first came to this town

– confused, adolescent –

the rending of the heavens

left me feeling insane

and trembling for my mortal soul

– like any good battle-scarred veteran –

…a pitiful, mindless display of power



My friend Lilly had these very to-the-point comments:

^^^thanks for sharing Amy! I still can hear/feel the horrible, sky splitting sound of the first time I heard them. Unfortunately, I moved to Seattle during Seafair week & no one warned me. I woke up to my first morning in Seattle after a 24 hr greyhound bus ride from CA to the noisy blue angels. I thought we were getting bombed, some spacejunk broke through the atmosphere or a plane was crashing into my house.

Me: omg! Well my first experience of them was not quite as dramatic. I moved here from Kansas. But it affected me in quite the same way. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one that ever felt that way. It really helps put it in perspective.

Lilly: nope, yr not alone. I think of all the folks who have survived war, bombing & gun violence and how unbelievably triggering the blue angel sounds must be, year after year.