Click here to listen to song on YouTube     (The single version kicks in at the 1 minute mark.)

I didn’t think I was going to find this song. I didn’t know the name of it, or who it was by…

I Google’d the first line – “Ain’t no doctor!! Who can help the way I feel!” Et voilà – there it was. I had heard someone play it on the juke box at the Rock Chalk Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas circa 1970-72 – played LOUD. It made an impression on me because there was a dude that did a little ecstatic air guitar dance and sang along to that first line, trebling the sense of urgency…

Geeeze… It figures that it’s about smack. Druggy, druggy times… And that’s how people got (and get) caught up in the phony glamor of drugs… Caveat emptor – buyer beware…


“Ain’t no doctor! who can help the way I feel.
Once you got her, boy, she lets you know it’s real.
Learn to love her, or the opposite is right.
To rise above her, you’ll be so high you’re out of sight
Feel so good, yeah! That you never want to come down.
But you should, yeah! If you want to stay around.”