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Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to leave comments, feedback, opinions, etc.


I live in Seattle, so some of the things I write about have that location as a context.


———————————-some poems



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“Art doesn’t have a shelf date. Well… some does!”


Part of the object of this blog is to traverse the line between what’s personal, what’s shared and what is more universal. I’m interested in those divisions and relationships. The stuff that moves me often seems to take risks of some sort. It takes you on a journey. My blogging here often seems to  lead me into the realm of the personal. As a reader and writer, it’s the personal stuff that interests me – writing that has its own ‘voice’, perspective or point of view. Without taking itself tooo seriously.

I’m interested in social commentary, when it engages me on some level or is informative. I like a well presented argument, a well-made case. I like to get new ideas, when I read; to be challenged – and the new ideas one gets when one writes.

I lived in Sweden from the age of five to seven years old. I think it instilled in me a life-long love of expressiveness in speech and words; a desire and quest for that. I think it shows up in my poetry; as wordplay etc.

Some of my favorite writers are: Nelson Algren, John Rechy, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Studs Terkel, Howard Zinn. I like biographies; and narrative, descriptive prose. I’d like to broaden my reading. It seems to be lacking certain things: the poetic, intellectual, psychological, sociological, scientific and philosophical realms; and whimsy, lightheartedness.

I believe in the transformative power of the arts. The topic of finding one’s muse fascinates me. How does one go about that? I’m forever on a quest for my own muse. I’ve made a category for it on this blog. I’m interested in process.

I want to play music again; learn more; develop exponentially; sing.

How do I incorporate my many interests into some sort of plan, a discipline? Some of my writing seems so self-referential. I edit and re-edit and re-edit instead of just letting it flow. I need to avoid isolation. I want to to develop an appetite and aptitude for performance of some kind.

There’s a spiritual aspect to writing and the arts – a healing, redemptive power. Both as its author and as someone who appreciates or gains from it. It keeps me sane. I use this blog as an incentive to write.

I encourage all to write. Just chime on in there, baby!


with thanks to my dear friend loosefemme for her inspiration & example; and to Page


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9 Responses to “about this blog”

  1. goratzlaff Says:

    I sent an entry for the blog on Dennis Helm. Is that blog still functioning, and how can I contact you?


  2. i like your blog…have not read much as im a little busy but i shall………enjoy

  3. Susan Says:

    Amy, I found your blog serendipitously through a Google search, one that I thought would have nothing to do with you–but it did. As soon as I saw your photo–and I mean your current, recent photo–I thought, that face looks familiar. Then when I saw the painting of you at 16, of course I knew. I saw the references to various biographical things on the blog and of course, it all fit. I’m writing this note here because I can find no private email link here on the blog, and I looked for you on Facebook–my sister Sara is FB friends with your younger sister (you’ll remember they were very close as kids, just as I was close to your older sister), so we found you there–but perhaps you’re not on FB much. So—email me! And—I just want to say I’m so glad to have found you and seen that you have reclaimed this part of yourself. It’s amazing but in a way not a surprise to me at all–it makes sense. I’m not leaving my last name here publicly, but if you don’t remember us, email me and I’ll write you back right away and everything will become clear. Susan N.

    1. Oh amazing! Thank you! So nice to be back in touch!

  4. SeaLinc2 Says:

    This is really nice Amy. A lot of varied posts on awesome topics. I’m glad you led me here from your FB page.

    1. Thanks, friend, glad you liked it. I always appreciate comments. I’m going to check out your blog, too, it looks interesting 🙂

  5. Amy Eighttrack Says:

    Thanks, Loosefemme!

  6. Loosefemme Says:

    Amy. May your blog prosper and delight your writer self and be a source of strength, growth and healing. Love ya,

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