Sadly for all of us, the sale of these homes was officially announced as having closed on Friday the 13th of 2015 – to the development company “Rise” out of BC, Canada.

Thanks to all who took the time to send in the petition to the Seattle City Council !!

Click HERE for a link to an article about the homes that were sold.

Aside from changing the title, what follows is the content of the original blog post.





A watercolor of beautiful Discovery Park in Seattle. Watercolor by James Deitz. Website:

A watercolor of beautiful Discovery Park in Seattle. Watercolor by James Deitz. Website:

Historic housing in Fort Lawton - Discovery Park

This is one of the beautiful old homes in question.



There is so much history associated with this place! Lord, please don’t let the wealthy and greedy usurp our beautiful public property!! These beautiful homes at present are being leased to the public. They are a vital hub of our community. Sacred!! Just fantastically beautiful old homes!! If you’ve never seen them, you can’t even imagine. No home built today could even hold a candle!!! They reek with the beauty of history and karma.

Here is an account of the takeover of the park in 1970 by a Native American group seeking to reclaim the property:  “On the morning of March 8, 1970, two half-mile long columns of vehicles began forming in a south Seattle neighborhood. The vehicles moved north towards Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and the recently decommissioned Fort Lawton Army installation.  As the convoys headed north onlookers could see the red cloth banners streaming from the antennas of the automobiles. When the caravans reached their destinations, both the north and south sides of Fort Lawton, the occupants of the cars launched a coordinated effort to occupy the fort and establish it as a cultural and social services center for Seattle’s growing Native American population. In the midst of the ensuing struggle, the occupation’s principal organizer Bernie White Bear stated, “We, the Native Americans, reclaim the land known as Fort Lawton in the name of all American Indians by right of discovery.”  Eventually, they were given a parcel of land on which they built the Daybreak Star Cultural Center.

Here is a link to Friends of Discovery Park website:

Here is a link to Discovery Park on Wikipedia

Here is a map of the proposed area. Can you imagine?!! To give this area, this district, this property over to privatization?!! Unthinkable!! And then surely then the rest of it would go.

This shows what a big area of the park this is

This shows what a big area of the park this is. It is an important, integral part of the historical and cultural legacy of the American people.

Please lend your support. Email the Seattle City Council and urge them to prevent this travesty.


Act now! Write to the Seattle City Council and let them know that we want to keep this historic district in the public domain!! It is not up for grabs!! Private development companies have been trying for years to usurp this National Historic Landmark District for their own greedy ends.


Copy and paste to an email the following (or add your own thoughts):


Subject: Historic Preservation of National Historic Monuments unique to the City of Seattle!

I, ____________(write your name or name of your organization), am/we are (choose one) urgently opposed to the sale of the Nationally Registered Historic Homes within Discovery Park/Fort Lawton in the city of Seattle WA 98199. The ‘buying developer group’ disclosed semi-publicly on 1-1-2015 at near 5pm that the sale closure date would occur within 2 weeks from that time. They have made other equally confident pronouncements since making themselves known and public last May/June and each time with the people’s opposition and your support, their sale closing windows have gone by one by one. Please let it be known that I oppose this or any other developer purchasing these homes. Please do not vote for anything that supports any of the project #’s or the sale itself.

Their intention is to move forward with their closing of sale ownership; renovations; and then the re-sale of each of these National Historic Homes as individual properties after major internal renovations by their many sub-contractors; all of whom are already in place. Keep in mind that the internal renovations of concern are only that which will gain top dollar in the market place when they sell them off individually versus what upholds the historic character and nature of these homes. Not to mention the enjoyment of these National Historic Homes by the many rather than the select most wealthy few! The very idea is a travesty!

Specifically we are opposed to the current plans to close a sale of these homes that are underway which include the grouping of the homes into 3 plots of property (described as Projects #’s 3016939, 3016941 & 3016942) and then a subdivision of these into 22 plots, each plot containing one of the existing homes.

I am absolutely opposed to the single ownership of these homes/parcels. This property needs to revert to the City of Seattle or a stewarding organization, so all residents and visitors can enjoy the park as at present and enjoy the homes in a manner that is congruent to how they have been lived in and enjoyed throughout their history. They should continue to be available to be lived in and enjoyed by the many over the years through lease options rather than lost to the public through individual sale to the minority uppermost wealthy.

CARBON COPIED per email list: Mayor Ed Murray, Seattle City Council Members, and DPD head people: Sally Bagshaw, Tim Burgess (President), Sally Clark Jean Godden, Bruce Harrell, Nick Licata, Mike O’Brien, Tom Rasmussen, Kshama Sawant

Photos by Amy Fields.

I stepped right off a bus into the throng of the march in progress. We had just chanted outside Chase and Bank of America and were shown where the credit union was.

Governor Gregoire has called a special legislative session for Monday, November 28th. She wants to make more cuts to “balance the budget” on the backs of the poor. Does this seem like a good idea? Or can we see an end to this nonsense. Maybe a general strike is needed. I’m sure lots of concerned voters will want to be there in Olympia for that special session! Sign up here , or go with your fave socialists, unions etc.

And before you go any further, here’s how they do it NY style:  How To Make A Billionaire Blink

turning onto 5th Ave

marching up 5th Ave

no one felt too bad about holding up traffic

looking back on 5th Ave

occupy your money – leave big banks!

5th and Pine

sit-in at 5th and Pine

talking about banks and their plutocracidal tendencies!

I moved my money to a credit union – it was easy!

put your money in a credit union, instead!

bring down parasitic financial institutions!

you know and I know

mic check!

Diverting traffic. The police were pretty restrained, diverting traffic around the intersection. Perhaps they were trying to atone for beating, macing and arresting people the previous Wednesday during protests against JP Morgan/Chase chief bankster Jamie Dimon.

See photos of the violence from the previous Wednesday here – hella good photojournalism by Joshua Trujillo and the Seattle P.I. 

Watching traffic. Thank you, brave medical volunteers!

After 20 or 30 minutes, we were warned that the horse patrol would clear the intersection if we didn’t. The good folks of Occupy Seattle told us that there was pizza, comedians, music and dancing at the plaza.

pizza sounded like a good alternative

courtesy of Pagliacci’s

lots of signs of things going wrong

1st comedian -Travis Simmons aka The Big Funny

I tried not to get in the way of the performers and the crowd. Some artists were easier to take multiple photos of, like this next guy. I thought it interesting to see different stages of his jokes:

comedian Nigel Larson

comic 2.2

comic 2.3

comic 2.4

comic 3 and crowd

comic 3 with crowd and buildings

Comedienne Barbara Sehr was next – a personal favorite – she cracked me up! Oh no, you didn’t say that!

Barbara Sehr 2

comic 5 – America’s Got Talent Alumnus Jen Seaman

comic 5.2

comic 5.3

comic 6 – this guy was pretty funny, kind of a loose cannon. Can anyone fill this one’s name in for me?

comic 6.2

crowd enjoying comics

crowd with building

crowd with trees

This costs money, please donate to Occupy Seattle!

 Find out more here

the sound crew

the sound crew 2

visualize general strike!

It was nice to see servicemen there



dancers 2

dancers 3

scarf dancer

scarf dancer 2

a bankster

A band started to play. I was walking away, but the beautiful, echoing voice of the singer and the accompaniment brought me back. I’m glad I went back. These guys were really good, they were wailing.

They’re called Surrealized. These photos are not in sequence – I just tried to tell a little bit of the story. I couldn’t stay for the whole set. See link to their Facebook page below.

 Surrealized Facebook page here

Surrealized 2

drummer with building

drummer with building 2



trumpet and building

trumpet and buildings. See that big wall there? I think this plaza was designed acoustically to be a good performance space. And you’d have to say these guys were using it to its best advantage. Very nice!

father and son dancing (?)

mother and son (?)

bicyclist riding to honor military families

update and donation bucket

riding to honor military families 2

bicyclist with passers-by

Working in the suburbs one day shortly before the second invasion of Iraq (2003), I experienced a feeling of dread. I had been active in the SGI-USA (Buddhist) Victory Over Violence campaign, visiting kids down at the Youth Detention Center. I thought about what the Reverend there had said about the government cutting services. I got to read this poem and a couple others for some of the kids. I think I read “Seattle Rain” and/or “Diggle Rhyme”. They kinda looked at me like I was crazy but you never know what’s going to get through to somebody.

I had been journaling a lot and had gotten so much out of it, including the muse for poetry. I had become more articulate; I thought of new original ideas concepts of my own; and I actually had something to say. Wow. That was a good feeling.

I suggested that they try their hand at journaling, too.


quiet down at juvy
things are quiet nowdays
down at juvenile hall
“they’re giving ’em more little nice things to do, but even so…
they’re cutting down on the numbers
cutting down on funding”

“you can feel the quiet”
what does it mean?

war;  the horror!
is it locked in
like a laser-guided missile?

Do you have to ask?
All that money!
All those lives!

it’s all about to come down
like heavy dope on the street

people around the world are saying “No!”

and civil disobedience  – people are going to jail
“I don’t agree with your war!”

at the White House, Laura Bush cancels poets
because what’s going on is
“a violation of the most sacred values
of poets through the ages”

out in the suburbs
even a crow chatters its complaint
but things are quiet down in juvy

Ingersoll Gender Center  is one of the first and oldest peer support groups for transexual people in the world. It has been continuously ongoing since the late Seventies. Ingersoll has played a vital role in the lives & transitions of countless individuals – not the least of which, my own.

Founder Marsha Botzer is one of the foremost authorities and activist/spokespersons of the transgender community. Ingersoll has been extremely influential and important in the development of transgender rights world-wide.

I attended meetings at Ingersoll for a couple of years; then became a facilitator for a year or two and served on the board briefly. I feel such appreciation for the many people that have given so much to keep Ingersoll going over the years. Metaphorically speaking, and in reality – through rain and snow and hail and sleet, Ingersoll has been there for the trans community.

This poem was briefly published on Ingersoll’s website, right before the move to the (now defunct) Seattle LGBT Center. I think there was a request that some content be written for the website re: the new Ingersoll-to-be: a new location and infrastructure, with an emphasis on the emergence of a new generation. You know – and folks just wanted a change… lol

Today Ingersoll is vibrant and revitalized. It’s truly a new era. They currently hold meetings at the Seattle Counseling Service, which is itself a groundbreaking institution, providing support for the the transgender and LGBT community.


Ingersoll new beginnings

a new ethnicity

a new culture

new breed

new look

new kind

a new age

rol l l l l l l l ing

into Ingersoll

we salute you!

your rugged and beautiful lines

lining up at the doors

rol l l l l l l l l l l l l ing

into Ingersoll




I went to an immigration rights rally this spring. I passed out a handbill of this article, pointing out that the proposed bills left a lot to be desired (you haveta read it through)…

…I thought I felt hostility (thru my fears/perceptions/emotions/own little narrow, racial/life-experience lens) towards me for being observably trans… I was overcome with grief, I was worried I’d have to walk off… I just kept moving in the crowd…  it may have been the dirty look this one guy was giving me. He thought I was against reform… I told him I was for “opening up the borders”…

I told a comrade/friend so that she could observe my grief… she reminded me that I was there to show solidarity… just what I needed to hear…

wow, yeah… I get it…

The moral is: 1. rememeber, you are fearful!  2. you only think it’s so… 3. be respectful of other people’s turf – I don’t even speak Spanish   4. misunderstandings and distrust arise, when it’s for the Cause  and 5. remember your Cause!   LOL   6. It’s only your emotions, not who you are or what it is.

Did I miss anything?    – “Give thanks!” (Jamaican blessing of appreciation)

It isn’t what it isn’t.