Hi honey
Love you, miss you
Thinkin’ of you
Want you by me
Got the blues
Don’t know where you’re at
find you never

hey it’s over              start a new thing
hey it’s over           yes  I’m sorry
wish I were dead
go on seein’ the same people
-staring at me
-staring at you
go on just thinking about you
craving email love    phone calls    bed talk
now I ask you, is that any way to live?
thinking about you
crying       don’t want to stop
always loving you


Kind of painful even just to read, isn’t it? It’s the flip side of love poem.
You might also title it “love addiction”.

I don’t indulge myself in these kind of sentiments anymore, and wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, if you have these kind of feelings – get help. Please! The world will smile on you again.

I wrote this down somewhere and later stumbled back over it.