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When things go wrong for no reason.... must be that ol' devil SNAFU

When things go wrong for no reason…. must be that ol’ devil snafu!!

2016-07-21 17.12.18




2016-08-13 12.38.06


2016-08-13 12.38.28


mosquitos!  (left)

mosquitos! (left)

mosquitos (middle)

mosquitos (middle)

mosquitos  (right)

mosquitos (right)

left    (Partly painted over. Did the artist forget to not paint over the car's info numbers?)

left ….(Partly painted over. Did the artist paint over the car’s info numbers? This results in problems for the railroad, gets your work painted over and creates a lot of animosity. See 3rd photo after this. )

right   Looks like a jailbreak!

right      Looks like a jailbreak!

oh, and while we're on the subject of 'crime' - jerms would appear to be a crook 4 life

I think this is a tribute by Jerms to Crook 4 Lyfe. I think the halo means deceased. R.I.P.!

2016-07-21 17.11.31

Somebody wrote “Kill all Taggers” over this. A railroad worker, maybe? Geez!…

2016-07-18 16.11.26


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2016-07-18 16.10.21

“a rusting Picasso” – modern art!

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Sequence:  four cars

car one: troubling times

car one: troubling times

detail one


detail 2


on the right of car one: not exactly Picasso... something new

car one, right side
Take a gander at that! Not exactly Picasso… something new!

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car two  (left)

car two (left)

car two (right)

car two (right)


car three – left


car three – middle

right     Space 1134

car three – right / signed “Space 1134”

car four – signed “Glare Cloud” (with a heart)

left -

left – “Leper”

right -

right – “Serup”

When I got Luna, she was half feral, about 6 years old (I was told.) I’m not sure what year that was. I think she’s about 12 now – maybe older, but she’s still in pretty good shape.

She belonged to my next door neighbors, but they already had cats and dogs that she didn’t get along with. Also, she’d apparently had a rough life before my neighbors got her – raised in a barnyard and abused by other animals, the story goes.

This can be a rough neighborhood for cats – very competitive, lots of other cats. I’ve even seen racoons and a possum. Cars sometimes go whizzing by too fast.

I fed her some tuna. I left my front door open and let her wander in and out for a while. Gradually she got used to my home.

Still, it was a long time before she would let me touch or pet her. It took a long time before she ever would sit on my lap.

She got in a fight one time and got bitten. Once, she got chased up a tall pine tree, and it was a while before she wandered back. After she was bitten, she became a house cat.

She’s a one-person, one-animal cat. She does not get along with other animals and is not overly friendly with anyone else. With me, though… Ahhh, you’ve never known such affection as you may get from a once half feral cat or a rescue cat…

The first 3 pictures are recent. The fourth one is from after we’d become friends; one of my favorites. It shows her beautiful eyes and wise expression. The rest are from the time when I first got her. You can see how raggedy and skinny she was.

Finally, the last picture shows an unusual litter of white cats. I took it at a street fair a few years back. The cats were being shown by some kind of shelter. There were four white ones (only 3 showing) and one black one. They told me that it was unusual to find this many white cats in a litter.

I think all-white cats like this have been breeded for the effect, and may be a little inbred. Luna isn’t the brightest bulb in the marquee; but she certainly is one of the lovingest! She truly is a service animal… As so many pets are.

my favorite bed

my favorite bed

peering out of my new compartment

checking out the view from my new compartment

a handy scratcher

a handy scratcher


Carole in July 2013

Carole in July 2013

Carole in Oct. 2006. She's holding a poem I wrote for/about her.

Carole in Oct. 2006. She’s holding a poem I wrote for/about her.

rainbow queen (you can really wear this one like a crown!)

rainbow queen (you can really wear this one like a crown!)





yellow & maroon (smaller size)

yellow & maroon (smaller size)

yellow rainbow

yellow rainbow

green & blue

green & blue

pink & lavender

pink & lavender rainbow

black & natural

black & natural

black & natural (same as previous)

black & natural (same as previous)

quite the pair maroon & pink; grey & blue

quite the pair
maroon & pink; grey & blue

yellow & orange (children's size)

yellow & orange (children’s size)

feline approved (by my cat, Luna)

feline approved (by my cat, Luna)

Carole Wlos is a 67 year old homeless woman in Seattle. She lives with her long-term companion Geraldo in an unheated RV. I’ve known her at least since 2006. She’s quite a colorful person and has had an eventful, hard life. She’s full of wonderful stories that really should be told.

She crochets these very warm, colorful, imaginative hats. There’s so many ways you can wear them! Some are smaller children’s sizes. They all vary in size.

It takes her about 8 solid hours to make one. She sells them for $20-$30 – whatever people can afford.

As you can see, she begs to help support herself and ‘would like to be more independent’ (if she could sell more of these hats.) I think she has a backlog of about a hundred of them. She can make different stuff, too – sweaters, scarves… She’s very talented. She can make stuff to order – as long as she has the yarn to make it with.

I own the red; green & blue; maroon & pink; and of course, the rainbow queen.


Frank Sinatra photographed by Bill Gottlieb, 1947, at a recording session

When I was an adolescent, I was obsessed with being cool and hip. An older friend once got quite upset with me when he asked me what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’ and I replied, “I just want to be cool.”

I love the way Wynton Marsalis defines ‘cool’, in the documentary Bill Gottlieb: Riffs

“I always have loved this picture of Frank Sinatra. Just the whole thing, is like the essence of cool. He’s looking off; kind of got a harshness.

“The essence of cool is always harsh, because cool is always the denial of something. So the warmth of cool is very deep. The actual essence of hipness is denial; and that’s what makes you hip – is that you’re able to push things away from you.”

Bill Gottlieb was a jazz aficionado, critic, and photographer. He was one of the first and best photographers to properly document jazz musicians in the ‘golden age’ of modern jazz.

Using a big Speed Graphic press camera which had a very limited film capacity – two negatives per cartridge, which needed to be separately loaded – his rapport with the musicians and his sense of the perfect moment were crucial to these most iconic of jazz photos.

Many of his photos were taken in the short span of two years, 1946-1947.  Bill Gottlieb: Riffs is a documentary about his photographs and the musicians, with many colorful and telling anecdotes. If you like biographies, photography and/or jazz, you will love this documentary.

Another great photographer of note was Francis Wolff. He co-founded Blue Note Records with Alfred Lion. It was one of the preeminent jazz labels, known for supporting new artists and new ideas in jazz. They were taste-makers and visionaries, always on the cutting edge. Another good documentary that tells their story is: Blue Note – A Story of Modern Jazz.



Here’s some photos of my friend Patti and her most extraordinary calico cat, Canny.

Since I first saw the cat, I’d wanted to photograph it. Even so, my photos can’t quite do justice to that first impression.

I was gob struck. Her markings and coloration are like a cute 60’s hairdo; and the resemblance to a human female face is remarkable. I was sure she must be one of my Buddha emanations.

Patti invited me over for some of her famous sweet potato soup. It was delicious, a perfect celebration of the season. She even served it in a pumpkin! I took the opportunity to take these photos.

I like the photos I took of Patti, too. She has the classical beauty of a Renoir.

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I really got a good response to my previous posting of rhododendrons. It was my most-viewed-day ever. So here by popular demand are more photos, this time featuring a few other fans of flowers – bees.

The bees – especially, the big bumbly ones – like the sunshine. It makes it easier to get around. It’s pretty cool here, so there’s not a lot of them and they’re not aggressive; kind of shy, in fact. I saw one giant old ‘king bee’ that I tried to get a picture of. It was making quite a buzz! Their buzz is how they warm up their flight muscles so they can get airborne. I think it saw me and floated off away, across the street.

I have white, pink, red and lavender rhododendrons in my yard – and a few purple ones struggling for space. (I’m going to try to give them more space next year.) I have the privacy, so it’s allowed me to photograph them repeatedly under different conditions.

Seattle is renowned for its rhododendrons. In fact, there is a world-class botanical garden of rhododendrons here in Federal Way. If you like my photos, you can find photos of many more species at their website here, and even purchase plants & seeds.

I was visiting with my friend Dodie last Sunday, griping a bit about the rainy spring we’ve been having. She gently rebuffed me, pointing out how wonderfully green it makes everything.

Rightfully so. Through new eyes, I noticed how beautifully lush all the leaves on the trees were; and the luminescence of the many rhododendrons glowing through the dusky grey mist.


To see  photos in full screen mode, click on photo. If they have not already been enlarged, you can then click on full screen image to zoom in.

bumblebee hovering near blossoms

close-up of bumblebee hovering

another bumblebee hovering, wrapping itself around pistils

A bumblebee nestled in flower, resting or gathering pollen. Flies like blooms, too.

I took a 13 second video of a bee on the blossoms. It’s nothing spectacular, but you can see it here  If you can’t see the bee very well, try replaying it once or twice

Pink blossoms in the morning. The blossoms have gotten huge and heavy and are starting to droop from the weight.

off its bloom

pink blossom close-up in sun & shade

pink blossom by branch

red blossom

Red bud, blossom and husk. You’re supposed to cut off the husks after the blooms drop. This one is from last year – I’m a lazy gardener.

red blossoms and buds

lavender bud opening

lavender bud opening 2

lavender bud and blossom

lavender blossom

close-up of white blossom

purple bud opening

purple blossoms, cloudy day

purple blossoms in sun and shade

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