a day out with Abigail, 8-17-11

Amy by Cedar River, photos by Abby

by Cedar River 2

by Cedar River 3

At the Ballard Locks: big boat comin’

big boat in little lock

upper gate, little lock

big lock with boats

silvery ghost of a salmon – salmon ladder observation room, Ballard Locks


salmon photo 2

salmon photo 3

Abby at The Locks with roses

with roses, 2

with roses, 3

Amy and Abby at the Locks

morning glory: Abby with flowers

sailboats off Golden Gardens Park, 8-19-11

sailboats heeling on a windy day


Two sailboats pass each other going opposite directions. As you can see, the one on the far side has quite a lean to it. 

The sailboat in the foreground of the previous photo has pulled clear.

wild salmon in Cedar River, 10-18-11

wild sockeye salmon

I almost missed seeing these. I’d been here years earlier, perhaps at another time of year, and the whole river was just swarming with them. Many lay dead or dying on the banks. So, when I didn’t see such obvious signs of them, I almost missed them. I had to look carefully and patiently. At least, the sockeyes are a brilliant red color.

wild salmon photo 2

three sockeye salmon