On Saturday, May 21st, 2011, a teach-in and protest was held by teachers at the Chase Bank in Wallingford, Seattle. Ohio senator Dennis Kucinich was there. As usual, I got there late and missed most of the action, but I took some photos of the chalk slogans, which I thought were pretty great! Here’s a clip from the local news

In Washington state, teachers are being laid off and school funding is being cut. It’s always minorities, the poor and disadvantaged that suffer the brunt! Recently, The African-American Academy in Seattle was closed.  A budget shortfall was cited as the reason. This seems like a tragedy, to me. We need many more programs like this, not less.

Chase bank pays no taxes in Washington State! The revenue lost could go to a much-needed rejuvenation of our public schools. Charter schools and “holding teachers and schools accountable” is not the solution!! Which is what is being fobbed off as a solution. Or programs like “Teach For America” which takes anyone with a BA degree, trains them for 5 weeks and then unleashes them into the educational system.

A couple days before the protest, I attended a very enlightening panel entitled:

Achievement Gap or Opportunity Gap? Fighting Racism in the Public Schools

It was put on by The Social Equality Educators (SEE). What a concept, eh? Social equality in education… Now there’s a concept whose time has come! Their Facebook link is here

Update: this protest (and others like it) was effective effective! Chase now pays state taxes!


the sign I made

the sign I made, reverse side