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LGBTQ Allyship

my friend Walker

taxing the rich is sexy

Free Bradley Manning


the ISO

friendly crowd

friendly crowd 2

a gentle youth

LGBTQ Allyship 2

paper -mache faces for immigrant rights

paper-mache faces for immigrant rights 2

American flag, brown skin: the irony of a respect not reciprocated. I’m so proud of this picture – I think it really captures that.

marching klezmer band


flags bayan usa

cymbal and drum drill team

cymbal and drum drill team 2

the masses

the masses 2

in black

No borders! No nations! Fuck deportation!

the rear guard – if you click on this picture twice, you will see close-up the police presence – including a school bus (for mass arrests?)

Amy Eighttrack, photo by Dodie Cogswell








I went to an immigration rights rally this spring. I passed out a handbill of this article, pointing out that the proposed bills left a lot to be desired (you haveta read it through)…

…I thought I felt hostility (thru my fears/perceptions/emotions/own little narrow, racial/life-experience lens) towards me for being observably trans… I was overcome with grief, I was worried I’d have to walk off… I just kept moving in the crowd…  it may have been the dirty look this one guy was giving me. He thought I was against reform… I told him I was for “opening up the borders”…

I told a comrade/friend so that she could observe my grief… she reminded me that I was there to show solidarity… just what I needed to hear…

wow, yeah… I get it…

The moral is: 1. rememeber, you are fearful!  2. you only think it’s so… 3. be respectful of other people’s turf – I don’t even speak Spanish   4. misunderstandings and distrust arise, when it’s for the Cause  and 5. remember your Cause!   LOL   6. It’s only your emotions, not who you are or what it is.

Did I miss anything?    – “Give thanks!” (Jamaican blessing of appreciation)

It isn’t what it isn’t.