Sadly for all of us, the sale of these homes was officially announced as having closed on Friday the 13th of 2015 – to the development company “Rise” out of BC, Canada.

Thanks to all who took the time to send in the petition to the Seattle City Council !!

Click HERE for a link to an article about the homes that were sold.

Aside from changing the title, what follows is the content of the original blog post.





A watercolor of beautiful Discovery Park in Seattle. Watercolor by James Deitz. Website: http://jamesdeitz.com/index.html

A watercolor of beautiful Discovery Park in Seattle. Watercolor by James Deitz. Website: http://jamesdeitz.com/index.html

Historic housing in Fort Lawton - Discovery Park

This is one of the beautiful old homes in question.



There is so much history associated with this place! Lord, please don’t let the wealthy and greedy usurp our beautiful public property!! These beautiful homes at present are being leased to the public. They are a vital hub of our community. Sacred!! Just fantastically beautiful old homes!! If you’ve never seen them, you can’t even imagine. No home built today could even hold a candle!!! They reek with the beauty of history and karma.

Here is an account of the takeover of the park in 1970 by a Native American group seeking to reclaim the property:  “On the morning of March 8, 1970, two half-mile long columns of vehicles began forming in a south Seattle neighborhood. The vehicles moved north towards Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and the recently decommissioned Fort Lawton Army installation.  As the convoys headed north onlookers could see the red cloth banners streaming from the antennas of the automobiles. When the caravans reached their destinations, both the north and south sides of Fort Lawton, the occupants of the cars launched a coordinated effort to occupy the fort and establish it as a cultural and social services center for Seattle’s growing Native American population. In the midst of the ensuing struggle, the occupation’s principal organizer Bernie White Bear stated, “We, the Native Americans, reclaim the land known as Fort Lawton in the name of all American Indians by right of discovery.”   http://depts.washington.edu/civilr/FtLawton_takeover.htm  Eventually, they were given a parcel of land on which they built the Daybreak Star Cultural Center.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daybreak_Star_Cultural_Center

Here is a link to Friends of Discovery Park website: http://www.friendsdiscoverypark.org/

Here is a link to Discovery Park on Wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_Park_%28Seattle%29

Here is a map of the proposed area. Can you imagine?!! To give this area, this district, this property over to privatization?!! Unthinkable!! And then surely then the rest of it would go.

This shows what a big area of the park this is

This shows what a big area of the park this is. It is an important, integral part of the historical and cultural legacy of the American people.

Please lend your support. Email the Seattle City Council and urge them to prevent this travesty.


Act now! Write to the Seattle City Council and let them know that we want to keep this historic district in the public domain!! It is not up for grabs!! Private development companies have been trying for years to usurp this National Historic Landmark District for their own greedy ends.


Copy and paste to an email the following (or add your own thoughts):

To: PRC@seattle.gov,Ed.Murray@seattle.gov,Patti.Petesch@seattle.gov,Genna.Nashem@seattle.gov,sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov,tim.burgess@seattle.gov,sally.clark@seattle.gov,jean.godden@seattle.gov,bruce.harrell@seattle.gov,nick.licata@seattle.gov,mike.obrien@seattle.gov,tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov,Kshama.Sawant@seattle.gov,PRC@seattle.gov,Lindsay.King@seattle.gov

Subject: Historic Preservation of National Historic Monuments unique to the City of Seattle!

I, ____________(write your name or name of your organization), am/we are (choose one) urgently opposed to the sale of the Nationally Registered Historic Homes within Discovery Park/Fort Lawton in the city of Seattle WA 98199. The ‘buying developer group’ disclosed semi-publicly on 1-1-2015 at near 5pm that the sale closure date would occur within 2 weeks from that time. They have made other equally confident pronouncements since making themselves known and public last May/June and each time with the people’s opposition and your support, their sale closing windows have gone by one by one. Please let it be known that I oppose this or any other developer purchasing these homes. Please do not vote for anything that supports any of the project #’s or the sale itself.

Their intention is to move forward with their closing of sale ownership; renovations; and then the re-sale of each of these National Historic Homes as individual properties after major internal renovations by their many sub-contractors; all of whom are already in place. Keep in mind that the internal renovations of concern are only that which will gain top dollar in the market place when they sell them off individually versus what upholds the historic character and nature of these homes. Not to mention the enjoyment of these National Historic Homes by the many rather than the select most wealthy few! The very idea is a travesty!

Specifically we are opposed to the current plans to close a sale of these homes that are underway which include the grouping of the homes into 3 plots of property (described as Projects #’s 3016939, 3016941 & 3016942) and then a subdivision of these into 22 plots, each plot containing one of the existing homes.

I am absolutely opposed to the single ownership of these homes/parcels. This property needs to revert to the City of Seattle or a stewarding organization, so all residents and visitors can enjoy the park as at present and enjoy the homes in a manner that is congruent to how they have been lived in and enjoyed throughout their history. They should continue to be available to be lived in and enjoyed by the many over the years through lease options rather than lost to the public through individual sale to the minority uppermost wealthy.

CARBON COPIED per email list: Mayor Ed Murray, Seattle City Council Members, and DPD head people: Sally Bagshaw, Tim Burgess (President), Sally Clark Jean Godden, Bruce Harrell, Nick Licata, Mike O’Brien, Tom Rasmussen, Kshama Sawant

“cat outside fishmonger’s” by amyeigttrack – smudged crayon and oil crayon, c. 2003

“man smoking cigar, thinking, in clouds, by river” – by amyeighttrack – colored felt tip pen and smudged crayon

“my stuff” – by amyeighttrack

“IT’S EASY BEING GREEN” – collage w/ cut paper, by amyeighttrack. (Note – the paper was a beautiful, thick sheet with blue on one side and purple on the other. I cut out shapes and reversed them to show the tactile pleasure of the paper.)

beaded pouch

pouch, reverse side

diorama.  woman with owls greeting card by Cheryl Renee Long


Japanese dolls


Turku 87, print by Robin K. Wright

untitled abstract by Dolph Strietzel, colored ink (felt tip pens?) on heavy paper. I love the bright colors and Southwestern Native American motif. I won it with my bid on eBay.

“Kitten Eyed Woman” – pastel oil crayons and gold leaf by Brandi Cleveland. Her daughter named this one. Check out her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Brandi-Cleveland-Artist-622485181182054/

I think Brandi is a great artist! She is personable, engaging and thoughtful. I bought this from her at the Pride festival at the Seattle Center a couple of years back. I complimented her on the expressiveness, the beauty of the ethnicities she portrayed. I asked her about it. She said that one of her sources and inspirations was National Geographic magazines. I was doubly impressed.

Money was tight for me, and she kindly reduced the price. There was a large reclining nude she had there that I craved for months afterwards. It was indescribably Lush. You have to see her work in person to get the sensuality of it. If you see something you like – you won’t be disappointed! It only gets better!

Winter Sunshine by Gwendolyn Grant. This reminds me so much of my mom – beautiful, reading a book, enjoying the sun.

// //

why I’m a Buddhist and socialist –

a socialist because wealth needs to be redistributed to the needy – health care, education, food, housing and employment… and a  Buddhist because I believe in the sanctity of life; and to keep from being ground down and numbed into passivity, the way I see economics affecting people – scarcity ideation


Men of power, their vassals keep

o’er the air, a foggy sleep

at infernal days end, we mewl as sheep

the fiery furnace, ‘fore to keep.

– A fog of gloom and helplessness

depression, grief – it’s just business

The status quo and its deceit

has sprung its trap on our conceit

For those who dare to dream so free

for immigrants – just misery


In Palestine, just look and see

the shattered lives – land, sky and sea!

locked down for life, “They must be freed!”

we mutter vaguely, in our safety


These wars I would not subsidize

homeland insecurity institutionalized

blaming the raped,

the victimized

In the name of democracy

and justice

we know what’s best

– what’s best for us!


the recent past, COINTELPRO

shot down the leaders here below:

farm workers, Panthers,

anti-war, Chicano,

Native Americans,

feminists and queers,

socialists –

anything that threatened their status quo


What present COINTELPRO will the future reveal?

The original, so damnably effective!

at creating divisions and scaring

away the righteous


Lady ‘Day, Lenny Bruce

squeeeeze them for their bitter juice

the drugs, the jails, the brothers still

in slavery’s continu-ation

the cops on the corner, clubs all drawn

hunger for the bloody dawn


Locked down ourselves,  our ruin looms

as millionaires through empty rooms

wander aimless, in laughing fits –

they piss themselves as here we sit!

All of the wood carvings were purchased by me at the Daybreak Star Pow-wow in Seattle, circa 1995.

black jaguar with friendly, placid demeanor

yellow jaguar with black spots, as seen through a child’s eyes in a dream

señor red squirrel

blue pig

She-wolf – it looked to me like a Northwest Native American piece. A collector of African art said it looks African.

Zopilotes, Turkey Vultures © Cheryl Renee Long. This is a fantastic print. It’s actually quite large – in frame, 37″ X 19″. It took my breath away when I first saw it. It was dark, powerful and mysterious. Then, one day, I “saw” it on my wall and subsequently bartered with Cheryl for it. I had found its beauty and spirituality. It depicts some turkey vultures spreading their wings to catch the morning sun’s warmth. Click twice to see detail.


“Woman with butterfly robe”, hand-painted floor to ceiling scroll. Given to me by a friend; it was painted by their father. Image is 43″ by 16″; entire scroll dimensions are 71″ by 21″


From 1984. It was Malle week at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. I really liked “The Thief of Paris” (French, 1967) . It starred Jean-Paul Belmondo, and somehow I wound up making some doodles that looked like him. Unfortunately the film is difficult to find with English subtitles. The movie is very stylish and well done. Drawings by amyeighttrack

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