Duck Buys!

A proud man, my friend
A fine, proud papa,

By-products  by-products
Buy my products!
Prod my bi-ducts

the general’s gleaming
stars groaning
dollars hearkening

billboards /cross-hair
hungry lung

industrial flood
rain forest goo
ogre meat!

schoolyard controversy
pro-life killer
die-cast reckoning

reverent aura
northern lights
burning fire
raucous zoo

holy war
ethnic cleansing
starving warlord
–pass the hat!

binary triple-pass
hairy canary
coal mine   dust bin
coin toss, star cross

run-down byways
Viking drive-pods
driven bipeds

drive-by    bye-byes
Bye-Bye,  drive-bys!

pride dies

(1994?)   Stream of consciousness / word association / current events