amazing    muzzled    drizzled  drain

corner kin-der  kinder game


builder  brother   bother  brew

flounder  flither  falderoo


heedless headless needless  haunt

ready  hollow  farther font


pexy  poxy  pesty stew

whining windy weather  who


anxious nexus nervous stand

broken brittle candied yam


sparkle speckled flowered flow

ancient pining winding tow


sliding sailing laughing friend

another poem that just won’t end



stream of consciousnes / word association / word-sound

wants-znt upon
a diggle rhyme
o splendle gee
a glonga line

I thought I thunk
a sight I saw
herznt wasn’t
hiznt  mine

– find your mind
in your prime
astral – logic
story line

buzzing bass
face to face
race car
western star

sheet a bustle
must   compete
ringing singing

wanna gonna
kinda now
sooner later,
find out how