December 2014

When I got Luna, she was half feral, about 6 years old (I was told.) I’m not sure what year that was. I think she’s about 12 now – maybe older, but she’s still in pretty good shape.

She belonged to my next door neighbors, but they already had cats and dogs that she didn’t get along with. Also, she’d apparently had a rough life before my neighbors got her – raised in a barnyard and abused by other animals, the story goes.

This can be a rough neighborhood for cats – very competitive, lots of other cats. I’ve even seen racoons and a possum. Cars sometimes go whizzing by too fast.

I fed her some tuna. I left my front door open and let her wander in and out for a while. Gradually she got used to my home.

Still, it was a long time before she would let me touch or pet her. It took a long time before she ever would sit on my lap.

She got in a fight one time and got bitten. Once, she got chased up a tall pine tree, and it was a while before she wandered back. After she was bitten, she became a house cat.

She’s a one-person, one-animal cat. She does not get along with other animals and is not overly friendly with anyone else. With me, though… Ahhh, you’ve never known such affection as you may get from a once half feral cat or a rescue cat…

The first 3 pictures are recent. The fourth one is from after we’d become friends; one of my favorites. It shows her beautiful eyes and wise expression. The rest are from the time when I first got her. You can see how raggedy and skinny she was.

Finally, the last picture shows an unusual litter of white cats. I took it at a street fair a few years back. The cats were being shown by some kind of shelter. There were four white ones (only 3 showing) and one black one. They told me that it was unusual to find this many white cats in a litter.

I think all-white cats like this have been breeded for the effect, and may be a little inbred. Luna isn’t the brightest bulb in the marquee; but she certainly is one of the lovingest! She truly is a service animal… As so many pets are.

my favorite bed

my favorite bed

peering out of my new compartment

checking out the view from my new compartment

a handy scratcher

a handy scratcher